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Managed Service

Dedicated teams using the PVX tech-stack work directly with clients, agencies and stations to customize fully executed local TV campaigns

The PVX Managed Service Advantage

A Division of ITN Holdings

ITN Holdings provides decades of continuous innovation, transforming local inventory value and performance by changing and streamlining how things are done.


Expert Consultation

Provide business insights to help with strategy and planning

Marketplace Evaluation

Establish inventory, pricing and audience estimates through centralized private marketplace platform

Scenario Planning

Instantaneously develop multiple complex buys altering variables and scenarios to maximize goals for reach, frequency, programming and efficiency

Buy Execution

End-to-end execution, negotiations, ordering, confirmations, commercial encoding and trafficking

Schedule Management

In-flight stewardship, electronic tracking and re-optimization using current data to ensure delivery

Performance Results

Advanced data visualization tools provide detailed timely reporting, projections and posting

PVX Managed Service provides guaranteed in-flight audience delivery and reduced labor costs with greater media value and efficiency.

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