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Yield Management

PVX YM tools integrated with log management software enables stations to maximize their potential yield across inventory by improving delivery performance.

The PVX Yield Management Advantage

Enables stations to grow revenues and improve delivery performance through more accurate and advantageous log management…  


PVX Yield Management tools are easily integrated to expand the abilities of current processes for greater accuracy and maximum use of inventory.

  • Quickly develops log placements for stations that match the best quarter-hour inventory to meet each advertiser’s target demographic across any length rotation.

  • Enables stations to employ the most advanced data and technology application to auto-estimate their audiences for daily log development.

  • Every week PVX processes over 30 million new quarter-hour records from LPM and Metered Markets, and every month over 80 million records from all 208 markets.

PVX Yield Management Activation is Delivering Stations Substantial Results:

Revenue Growth

Higher Average Ratings: Less inventory required to meet total GRP guarantees means more inventory available to sell.

Less Audience Deficiency Units (ADUs): More consistent in-flight delivery leaves more inventory available to sell.

Greater Shares of Budgets: Resulting from proven better, more dependable performance and more available inventory.

More Flexible Sales Opportunities: Enables stations to offer efficiencies through wider rotations with full confidence of performance across all demographics.

Operational Efficiencies

Entry into Automation: Single-day optimization of logs is step 1; full week and cross-week optimizations will bring additional improvement in delivery.

Workflow improvements: Allows for automation of processes for setting up and managing daily logs. Less maintenance needed with improved delivery.  Time savings for AE’s.

Seamless Execution: Simple execution coordinated with automated tools existing within the current log development software. No new screens to learn.  Provides immediate gains for stations.

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