• Steve Poulin

FOX Television Stations to Expand Offerings through ProVantageX

End-to-End Television and Video-Everywhere Platform Powered by Automated Intelligence

NEW YORK – FOX Television Stations (FTS) has partnered with PVX to license its ProVantageX (PVX) platform, offering the industry a state-of-the-art, end-to-end advertising technology platform for both traditional and programmatic business solutions. PVX provides FTS buyers with significant operational efficiencies, through optimization and automation, producing the time, tools, and analytics to architect larger, multilevel deals that drive advertising results.

ProVantageX advances functions and connectivity for buyers in an end-to-end platform, enabling FTS to receive and respond more quickly to requests, simplify transactions, coordinate schedule maintenance and streamline the workflows for agencies across all FTS stations and their sales representatives. Within PVX deal screens, buyers negotiate with FTS using a centralized source of automated audience estimates, generated instantaneously through algorithms across any combination of days, times or programs.

FOX Television Stations Group is the largest local broadcast group in the United States to commit publicly its goal to revolutionize advertising sales through new-generation technology. FTS is comprised of 28 stations in 17 markets and covers over 37% of U.S. television homes.

Joe Oulvey, Executive Vice President, Fox Stations Sales, stated, “Today’s media buyers are constantly pressed to utilize quicker tools, access smarter data, and deliver more strategic executions. PVX delivers on those needs. The FOX stations will continue to lead our industry forward to embrace technological solutions that enable our clients to easily and effectively access our valuable audience and the powerful impact we deliver for advertisers.”

PVX eliminates much of the arduous time and labor involved between buyers and sellers in communicating, collecting information, building, transacting and then managing media buys, through the application of methods that link each step and automate workflows as directed by centralized management. “We developed PVX for the complete video-everywhere landscape, with a top priority at launch to provide the first platform that fully addresses all the intricacies of linear local and national television,” said Stephen Poulin, Executive Vice President Platform Development, ITN Holdings.

“PVX enables buyers to prioritize their focus on business decisions that matter, exploring and executing scenarios directly with FOX Television Stations that will advance client goals.”

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About PVX

PVX brings decades of experience and investment building the most advanced, fully operational enterprise of technology, data, inventory and services to the television and video advertising industry. Uniquely forged with both buy-side and sell-side objectives, PVX is driven to create value for marketers, their agencies, and inventory suppliers to grow their businesses. PVX is a fully-integrated demand-side and supply-side television and video platform powered by centralized automated intelligence.

About FOX Television Stations

FOX Television Stations is one of the nation's largest owned-and-operated network broadcast groups, comprising 28 stations in 17 markets and covering over 37% of U.S. television homes. This includes seven duopolies in the top 10 markets: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and Houston; as well as duopolies in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Orlando and Charlotte.