• Brian Hanley

PVX: Delivering Personalized TV Advertising At Scale

Back in the day, brands and marketers treated all customers like they were exactly the same. There was zero personalization in advertising. Every consumer received virtually the same message regardless of his or her unique tastes.

But since then, there’s been a transformation in advertising. Today, brands that aren’t personalizing ads are dead in the water. And that’s because consumers today are bombarded with advertising to the point where they’re not paying attention to anything unless the ad appeals to them on a very personal level. For most brands, that means marketers need to deliver the right ad to the right consumer, through the right channel, at the right time, which is much easier said than done... In fact, you can imagine just how difficult personalization can be due to the sheer number of consumers out there and the seemingly inexhaustible variety of their interests.

To succeed in the world of personalization, brands are turning towards software that leverages big data in order to automate the delivery of more relevant content. Mobile marketing automation tools are exploding in popularity right now, because they allow brands to automate the delivery of individualized messaging. For example, you might get one promotional email from Seamless, when your wife gets another one entirely. And that’s because Seamless knows, as any savvy marketer does, that you and your wife are two different human beings, each with different tastes and therefore, the company takes different approaches to each consumer.

Whether it’s building a custom pair of kicks on the NikeID platform or engaging with Starbucks’ loyalty program, which knows your favorite latte order by heart, consumers have come to expect highly individualized experiences that take into account their unique wants and needs. In the digital age, power is gradually shifting from the brand and the marketer to the consumer. Since consumers are no longer willing to accept a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, it’s incumbent upon brands and marketers to deliver highly personalized, highly contextualized, hyper-local experiences at all levels. That’s where we come in.

At PVX, our technology was built by TV buyers and sellers, for TV buyers and sellers, so it’s no wonder we put our users’ needs at the very center of what we do. Our platform empowers buyers to craft perfect schedules based on their clients’ requirements. Every buyer’s preference can be programmed in as part of the buy automation, so each campaign in PVX is personalized to the buyer and their client’s needs. On the sales side, stations can submit inventory through PVX in a more streamlined fashion. It’s PVX’s focus on our users and their needs that allows us to add value to each and every one of them.

Across industries, and in media in particular, the digital age has transformed the way that virtually all brands do business. In order to remain competitive, leading brands are embracing software that helps them target the right customer with the right message at the right time. For TV buyers and sellers, PVX helps execute smarter, more personalized buys at scale. Since the pervasive trend is for consumers to expect ads that are tailored to them, we at PVX see the future as our competitive advantage.