• Rachel Kim

PVX Congratulates Abby Auerbach, Futurist Award Recipient for Women in Technology 2019

Abby Auerbach

ProVantageX congratulates Abby Auerbach, recipient of the Futurist Award in the 2019 Women In Technology Awards. Auerbach is receiving this honor in recognition of her contributions to the television industry. As Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at TVB, Auerbach initiated efforts to implement ePort, an electronic portal aiding in the transaction of national and local broadcast media dollars. Since its launch, ePort has handled over $30 million of local TV business between 2,700 TV stations and 700 ad agencies.

More recently, Auerbach has been pushing the industry forward with her involvement in the TIP initiative. The TIP initiative is a consortium of broadcast groups collected in efforts to integrate automation and system interoperability to improve the buy-sell transaction. Television advertising has expanded in recent years, and now, stations often manage digital channels, websites, as well as OTT media. With the growing options to buy and sell ads, endeavors to streamline the interface between buyers and sellers ultimately delivers value to local broadcast.

Auerbach recognizes that technology needs to keep up with the changing landscape of the media world. At ProVantageX, our mission is tantamount to Auerbach’s as our aim is also to apply technology to solve the media industry’s most challenging problems. We couldn’t be more proud to have a disrupter like Auerbach championing the type of work that ProVantageX advances.