• Brian Hanley

PVX: A Platform, Connected by Design

The strongest brands in the marketplace know that customers are best served by ecosystems of connected products and services. When Apple released the iPod, the device served as a bridge into the larger Apple ecosystem. The iPod wasn’t just some standalone product. It was designed to run iTunes. It was this combination of product and service that reinforced Apple brand loyalty.

The iPod + iTunes was far more powerful than either the hardware or software was on its own. From a consumer standpoint, the iPod was the gateway device into potentially lifelong loyalty to Apple. Apple knew this, which is why the company gave away tons of free apps like iTunes and iMovie. Their objective was to incentivize customers to first fall in love with their hardware. Then, through that hardware, customers could fully utilize the company’s proprietary software.

That’s how Apple achieved unrivaled brand loyalty, not by selling a single product or service that their customers loved, but by selling multiple products and services, which all connected and played better together as an ecosystem than as standalone devices and software. The more customers use any of Apple’s products and services, the more likely they’ll use them all.

In the words of Barry Wacksman and Chris Stutzman, authors of Connected by Design,

“Each device and service that Apple offers is connected by design with all the others in multiple ways that reward customers for their increasingly deeper participation in the brand… Apple’s best customers actually cross the moat, enter the castle, and take center stage in Apple’s ecosystem. With functionally integrated companies like Apple… consumers are so well served inside their castles that most never leave.”

At ProVantageX, we, like Apple, believe strongly in connecting products and services by design. We built the industry’s first two-way connected platform for local buyers and sellers, meaning, we quite literally connect TV buyers and sellers in a single, integrated ecosystem. Whereas traditionally, buyers and sellers rely on multiple platforms to transact, PVX bridges the divide.

PVX conjoins the power of qualitative and quantitative data with the best of human creativity. The platform empowers media professionals to focus more time on strategic creativity, while helping add value by seamlessly blending and optimizing data to precise campaign designs. It’s through connected design that we are able to be a champion for TV buyers and sellers alike.