• Steve Poulin

ProVantageX and PremiumMedia360 to Usher in a New Era in Local TV Activation

New York, NY: March 12, 2020

ProVantageX (PVX) and PremiumMedia360 (PM360) today announced a partnership that will leverage PVX’s local TV automation with PM360’s data solutions software to create the most powerful stewardship engine in TV media.

PremiumMedia360 is the only advertising data automation company currently offering innovative pre-flight and in-flight campaign reconciliation solutions. Through this partnership, PM360 will deliver station airtimes directly into the PVX platform. PVX is already the most complete, two-way connected platform for the buying and selling of local Television media in the US. The integration of this airtime data into PVX will dramatically increase in-flight campaign performance and transparency while decreasing the cost and labor associated with the stewardship process. PVX along with PM360 has enabled a special program for sellers to on-board and become part of the integration.

Through its partnership with PM360, PVX will create efficiencies between buyers and sellers by automating and monitoring in-flight campaign data that will be provided through PM360’s GIAHub™ software. The combined “TIP-compliant” data automation from PM360 and PVX capabilities provide agencies with software that enables advertisers to reach their audience to better achieve their investment goals. Steve Poulin, EVP Platform Development at ProVantageX says “Our partnership with PM360 enables PVX to leverage TIP-compliant data through PM360’s GIAHub™ to power and automate our workflows. Our broadcast television partners will be able to use GIAHub™ and automate daily data delivery directly into PVX’s applications.”

Cordie DePascale, Chief Strategy Officer at PM360 says “Our partnership with PVX expands on our ability to serve the broadcast television and agency community with actionable, TIP-compliant campaign data. GIAHub automation enables PVX to receive clean data from their broadcast television partners to assure audience delivery and enable them to reach their campaign investment goals.”

About PremiumMedia360

PremiumMedia360, the leading advertising data automation company, provides seamless data synchronization and data connectivity between ad agencies and media company partners to deliver 100% pure data into any media management software. Our intelligent, flexible, and neutral data management platform, Guidance Intelligent Assistant (GIA) Cloud, integrates with all media software systems to synchronize advertising data, making it more reliable and error-free. Acting as your trusted source of data automation, GiaCloud automates and synchronizes 100% of the data flow between you and your TV media partners. Many companies talk about data automation, but we have done it. As a result, our customers are more profitable and able to focus on what matters most — making informed strategic decisions, with transparent, reliable data — which increases revenue.

About ProVantageX

ProVantageX (PVX) is the most complete, two-way connected platform for the buying and selling of local Television media in the US. PVX combines the power of automation and data to bring value and operational efficiency to advertisers. Its ground-breaking technology allows media professionals to focus more time on strategic creativity, while helping them improve value by seamlessly blending and optimizing qualitative and quantitative data to precise campaign designs.

PVX is headquartered in New York City. Learn more at or visit our Linkedin or Facebook page.