• Steve Poulin

Mediaocean Announces Partnership to Integrate ProVantageX for Buy-Sell Automation

PVX and Mediaocean partner to reduce friction and manual steps in information exchange between buyers and sellers

NEW YORK- PVX and Mediaocean, the foundational and operational software provider for the advertising world, announced today it has partnered to further buy/sell automation for local broadcast television, using elements of automated intelligence and data-infusion. Mediaocean’s Spectra and ProVantageX integration includes both the Spectra DS and OX platforms, and manages order revisions and make-goods via the Auto-Avails and DARE communication protocol. This means both platforms will always be in sync, all critical financial operations and controls continue in a seamless and timely manner, and the data will be secure as it seamlessly flows across platforms. Key integration features include:

• Automated Avails API allows Buyers using Spectra to electronically request available inventory directly from PVX supplier

• Inventory information including budget, GRP, and CPP goals, is surfaced to Spectra for buyer evaluation

• Buyers select inventory for inclusion in media plan and send order to PVX electronically, which passes details to sellers - buy is then executed in standard Spectra workflow PVX provides sellers with significant operational efficiencies in communicating, collecting information, estimating audiences, building and transacting with buyers. “As much as it’s been tried, real advances in television advertising technologies that will actually work won’t come from the outside,” said Stephen Poulin, Executive Vice President Platform Development, “PVX and Mediaocean have been embedded in television for many decades. This partnership is going to produce meaningful changes that will influence the industry for decades to come.” “Mediaocean is committed to delivering integrated solutions to accelerate the automation in the planning, buying, and selling process.” said Cordie DePascale, SVP, Connect. “We are bringing buyers and sellers closer together through automated solutions that streamline execution of direct sold IOs and audience-based campaigns. We’re happy to integrate PVX as a partner to do this.”

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About Mediaocean

Mediaocean is the world's leading media software company that automates every aspect of the advertising workflow - from planning, buying and selling, to analyzing and optimizing, to invoicing and payments. Mediaocean's open cross-media platforms power $140 billion in global media budgets and have unmatched reach and bridge traditional and digital media. Mediaocean serves more than 80,000 users across agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and publishers worldwide. The company employs 950 people worldwide and is part of the Vista Equity Partners portfolio of software companies.

Mediaocean is headquartered in New York with fourteen offices worldwide. Learn more at, or connect with Mediaocean on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.