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Once again, I find myself in a parallel universe between my day job and my personal life experiences.

The swivel chair sat in the corner of our den during the “southwest” 90’s look. When I emerged from the southwest (after a few visits to Scottsdale and Phoenix) I went shabby chic…so I tossed the swivel chair and guess what it’s back in a big way…You Know it! Wish I saved that chair…

The Swivel Chair haunts me in my work life too…the swivel chair as media sellers now refer to it means we have several screens open at the same time …swiveling back and forth to look at siloed data causing a strain on seller’s workflow.

Legend has it that Thomas Jefferson invented the swivel chair while drafting the Declaration of Independence, for ease of movement. Let’s focus on that and think about how automation platforms can ease buyers and sellers into the transfer of data including post log times and automated makegoods with less friction.

GUYS, this is not hard! Hard was when a sales rep had to get the tickets to that night’s Ranger game into the client’s hands before we could simply e mail them. Reps spent entire days delivering tickets, waiting in reception areas and on the subways, taxis and at the desperately missed 2-3-hour lunch.

Hard was calling in orders manually and having someone on the other end hand write them and rely on the contract to be checked to find errors. Technology and automation have been a blessing and curse on our industry, but it’s needed to allow local broadcast to compete with the digital offerings. Realizing margins are slim we as an industry need to embrace the change needed to automate some of the most mundane labor intense parts of the job. Post log times delivered weekly need to be organized for buyers and sellers to react and make timely decisions on delivery using technology. Today’s post log times arrive and there is not much a buyer can do with them to make an impact on the current campaign.

Let us focus on another redecorating reference called The BIG PICTURE! In our home, it is literally a large Leroy Neiman of Broadway Joe. I have agreed to leave it up until the Jets win another Superbowl so suffice to say I am living with that Big Picture for a long time. So, waiting for the impossible … like local broadcast, what will happen: things stay the same!

When you see a room that looks dated, it makes you wonder if the residents are stuck in time as well. We cannot afford for our value as local broadcast to be viewed as outdated because it is inefficient, and we were not willing to change or swivel our way into new ideas.

Today’s swivel chair looks a lot better than a cozy old Laz-y boy corduroy recliner. Swivel chairs are fun to sit in and they can be far more functional than a stationary chair ...they allow you to see all parts of the room without having to get up and turn around.

Let us be bold in 2021 and embrace some change. A new coat of paint or a swivel chair can have a significant impact on productivity and happiness.

Wishing you all health happiness and perhaps a gorgeous new sofa in the new year.

Randy acknowledges that while the Joe Namath painting is not going anywhere, we are in the process of re decorating, making room for a crib and the arrival of our first grandchild. See, change is everywhere!