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Audience Algorithm

Decades of Research and Development in the PVX Platform

Provides Buyers and Sellers an Unparalleled Advantage

The Local TV Estimating Challenge

Ad technologies designed for linear television are largely incomplete...


The ProVantageX Algorithm Solution

PVX is the only ad technology platform that employs advanced audience projection algorithms…


PVX Algorithm Audience Projection Processes

  • Rapidly ingests and activates the most recent Nielsen and Comscore local audience data.

  • Instantly analyzes tens of millions of data points at the day, quarter hour and demo building-block level to identify and apply changing trends.

  • Every week new projections are calculated for each upcoming day and week for the current quarter and the next four quarters.

  • Freezes audience estimates at the point of transaction and continually monitors performance against those projections, during and even before the campaign flight begins.

  • Employs electronically verified commercial times to project delivery following every week.

PVX Algorithm Audience Projection Results

  • PVX audience projection performance proves to significantly outperform all standard industry benchmark comparisons.

  • The labor for buyers and sellers is reduced from days and weeks to minutes, providing more time to negotiate rates, shares of budgets, and construct larger, more complex deals.

  • Enables larger local market campaigns to get on the air sooner using inventory that will most accurately reach target demographics.

  • Enables stations to best manage their inventory by maximizing sales-side optimization tools using instantly developed audience projections.

  • Enables stewardship and multiple in-flight re-optimizations upon revised projections.

How To Access The PVX Algorithm

PVX produces and publishes the most advanced and accurate local broadcast algorithm to estimate audience data for use within our advanced analytical platform.


Broadcasters and agencies will have the opportunity to work with these projections directly or export and ingest projections seamlessly through their inventory management platforms.

Algorithm Direct will allow PVX best-in-class projections to fit with the way agencies and stations do business.

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