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Our Performance

PVX's automated projections have been honed over many years. Our estimating algrorithm was developed to feed the platform of ITN Networks, PVX’s sister company


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The Proof is in our Performance

Extensive testing bolsters our claims that PVX's algorithm outperforms the industry across the board.

We recently compared our instantly created projections to those used by buyers and sellers across a huge sample of campaigns.


The results:  Across 1,623 campaigns and 48 markets,  PVX projections would have delivered to 99% of the goal without any time spent by buyers. 

Buyers using PVX to aid in projection did well but, despite spending valuable time adjusting estimates only delivered a 98%

Meanwhile, compare that to suppliers who did not use PVX at all to generate estimates.  Their estimate would have only delivered to 85%. 



Business Team

Better results / Less time

With PVX, one of the industry's biggest pains will become your biggest strength. 

Save labor costs, turn buys quicker, and improve accuracy

Analyze inventory across the full spectrum of demographics.

Ability to compare advertiser buys against a common demographic 

View trends and patterns across dayparts and programs 

Simultaneously improve profits and performance 



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