Buy Blueprinting

PVX is the only tool where the buyer can create a “buy blueprint” with true goals for the buy that go way beyond GRPs and dollars: programming preferences, timing, separation, brand safety, quality, audience composition; everything a buyer needs to make happy clients.


This blueprint will guide the buy from avail requests, to inventory review, to optimization, even throughout stewardship.

Inventory Review 

PVX allows sellers to provide relevant inventory to buyers quickly and easily right out of the gate. Our approach is to give them a head start with solid algorithm generated estimates and quick access to historical ratings allowing the buyer to:

  • Reduce time spent focusing on lower rated or more consistent fringe dayparts

  • Review complex programming like prime, sports and specials with a “head start.”


The same functionality is available to sales side. Whichever ratings the seller proposes will be available in a separate column for each to compare.

Value Mining

The power of PVX is in mining for value which is not derived by churning out the lowest cost per point. Using the blueprint, our value optimization software helps buyers and sellers find value opportunities. You are always seconds away from connecting buy specs and inventory in every conceivable way to achieve optimal output. The result: schedules built to exacting specifications extracting every ounce of value.


Our “competitive” tool allows users to submit counter proposals and pricing directly through the platform. PVX’s two-way connectivity allows the buyer and seller to negotiate in one screen and in real time.


Putting you in control of a quickly moving negotiation, PVX allows negotiators to read and react to changing market conditions while keeping mutual clients’ true goals front and center.



We have applied the same level of detail that has gone into stewardship designed to meet the TIP standards. PVX will provide posting projections, vendor preemption tracking, the automating of makegoods for the preemptions, as well as customized reporting.

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