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Our PVX Product Line-Up
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Algorithm Direct

PVX produces, publishes, and distributes local broadcast algorithmic estimate data for use in external platforms or systems.

Broadcasters and agencies will have the opportunity to ingest projections directly through their inventory management platforms.

Algorithm Direct will allow PVX best-in-class projections to flow directly within their internal workflow

Automating these projections is the key to maximizing sales-side optimization tools. Having instantly developed projections for all audience segments and streams will, in turn, allow stations to best manage their inventory across their entire line-up. 

*requires separate audience measurement subscription 


Algorithm Via PVX

Best-in-Class Local broadcast algorithmic projection data accessed in PVX for licensed agencies and stations. 

Provides Broadcasters, agencies, rep firms, and clients the ability to leverage our projections across all stations, markets, programs, and demographics. 

*requires separate audience measurement subscription 

Profit Focused Optimization ​

PVX offers a managed-service optimization process targeted to profit-focused agencies and groups.

Designed to tremendously increase the value delivered by specialized agency profit centers to advertisers. Unlike other demand-side tools, the PVX optimization tool is known to boost both quantitative AND qualitative outcomes which benefit agencies, stations, and advertisers alike.

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